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“Imagine a Trademark ID Manual that allows you to select IDs, add and subtract from a list of IDs, and send out an email to your paralegal. And if that isn’t enough, the AI engine makes creative suggestions along the way.

That’s what is, and tuned to your country of choice. makes the worst part of trademark drafting the best part (well almost)!”

Partner, US Patent and Trademark Firm

“I’m using Sortify all the time now. It’s the tool I have been wanting for at least 15 years.

Partner, Australian Intellectual Property Firm

“ continues to evolve to relieve pain points of specification drafting and converting that I didn’t know could be eased! 

A reliable, easy to use tool that has quickly moved up my favourites list. It makes specification drafting and converting easy!”

Senior Associate, New Zealand Intellectual Property Firm

“I’m officially in love with this program. Did a conversion to Canadian accepted description for 7 classes in under ½ hour :)”

Canadian Trademark Agent, Global Law firm

“I like broad goods and services lists (who doesn’t) and almost always has a few options I didn’t think of that take my applications to the next level.”

US Patent and Trademark Attorney

“I love how makes suggestions to expand my goods and services. The artificial intelligence engine really works well! And the suggestions are all pre-approved by my trademark office (USPTO). Super helpful!”

Partner, US Patent and Trademark Firm

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