Trademark Goods
– SORTED is the world’s most advanced AI-based ranking, sorting, specification creation, and specification conversion software for trademark goods and services. Products

For IP Lawyers

  • Create superior trademark specifications in seconds
  • Convert existing trademark specifications to overseas specifications in minutes
  • IP Office compliant – say goodbye to goods objections
  • AI-based machine learning provides contextual “smart” goods and services suggestions
  • SAAS access through simple annual licence
  • Currently featuring US, NZ, Aus, Singapore, WIPO and EU data

For Online Filing

  • Seamlessly connects into your portal via secure API

  • Provides ranked classes and goods suggestions based on simple keyword searching

  • Customer-prepared specifications as good as attorney-drafted specifications

  • Reduce or eliminate manual aspects of the filing process
  • Uses IP Office preapproved goods – say goodbye to goods objections


Custom Solutions

  • Tailored IP Office approved goods and services picklists

  • Custom built online trademark filing websites (private or government)
  • Internal tools for IP Office examiners and helpdesks
  • Standalone web based tools or seamless incorporation into trademark filing workflows
  • Real time data, API connected – with daily updates

  • Friendly and knowledgeable team always ready to assist

What is

Built by IP lawyers for trademark professionals, in-house IP lawyers, and IP Offices, is the world’s most advanced AI-based ranking, sorting, specification creation and conversion software for trademark goods and services.

Effortlessly draft IP Office compliant goods and services specifications

Choose your country, then in minutes draft trademark specifications that are fully compliant in that country's IP Office.

Say goodbye to goods objections exclusively utilises pre-approved goods and services lists managed and/or adopted by each IP Office.  

Save time and money by avoiding pointless arguments with IP Offices over the wording of trademark specifications.

Convert existing trademark specifications... in minutes

Take existing trade mark specifications and convert them to fully compliant specifications for multiple IP Offices.

Quickly and easily assess the likelihood of receiving goods objections, and use the AI Bot to "fill in the gaps" left by non-compliant terms.

Ever increasing global coverage

The database presently includes goods and services data from USA, EU (Harmonised data), Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and WIPO (Madrid Protocol).

New countries are added every few weeks.