Getting started

Here is a quick tour of the user interface, as well as the tools – the Drafter and the Converter.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you can access the various tools.

Dashboard overview

The Dashboard is your starting point – from here you can quickly access the Drafter, the Converter, provide feedback, and log out.

As new tools are added to, they will be automatically added to your Dashboard.

Accessing the Dashboard

You can access the Dashboard from within any of the tools – simply click on the “hamburger” menu icon in the top right of the screen.

The Drafter

The Drafter helps you quickly and painlessly draft IP Office compliant specifications that are suitable for use across multiple jurisdictions.  It’s also unbelievably useful for checking whether particular terms are permitted by an IP Office, and helping you find compliant alternatives.

Reclaim that time (and money!) ordinarily spent preparing goods and services specifications, and say goodbye to goods objections.

Select the territory

From the dropdown menu, choose the territory you need. (There are 62 territories at the moment – you should find what you’re after…)

Search and select

Use search keywords to find IP Office-approved goods and services for your specification. Click on relevant items to select and deselect them.

The “Search Term Matches”  column displays all goods and services that include the exact search term used.

The “ Bot Suggestions” column displays AI suggestions for other relevant goods and services.

The specification tray

As you select and deselect items, they are added to your specification in the orange tray (at the bottom of the screen).

Click on this tray at any time to view it, and click outside it to hide it.

Export your specification

When your specification is complete, you can export it from the specification tray – either copy it to your clipboard or email it to yourself.

The Converter

The Converter is the only tool of its kind in the world.

Take an existing trademark specification, check to see which goods and services are allowable across multiple territories, and then use the Bot to replace any non-compliant terms with compliant terms.

What used to take hours now takes minutes…

Choose countries,
paste specification

Choose your countries of interest, then paste your existing specification into the input fields.

Review acceptable items, then fill in the gaps

In seconds, the Converter displays the goods/services that are allowable in your territories.

Where goods/services are non-compliant, click the
ADD GOODS button to display alternative compliant goods/services.

Review the specifications

Open the specification tray to review the full draft specifications for each of your chosen countries.

You can hide the tray to switch back to converting goods at any time.

Beam me up, Scotty

When you’re happy with the specifications, email them to yourself or copy them to your clipboard.

And with that, you’ve turned what would ordinarily take several hours into a rather easy 5 minute job.