We know that there’s no “one size fits all” subscription for – every organisation has different needs and user requirements.

We offer flexible pricing depending on your organisation’s specific requirements, as well as a completely free version of Get in touch with the team to talk about your business’ needs.


  • Access to Drafter (light version)
  • EU and USA data
  • Up to 10 goods and services selectable per specification draft
  • Export specification by email only


  • Drafter
  • Autodrafter
  • Converter
  • China Drafter
  • Nice 11 Checker
  • Reclassifier
  • MySortify cloud storage
  • Unlimited usage
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Pre-approved goods data across 65+ IP Offices, including Europe, USA, WIPO, China, Canada, Singapore, and Australia
  • Export client specifications by email, copy to clipboard, or save to MySortify cloud