Oyen Wiggs Overcomes reclassification roadblocks

Sortify.tm Attorney case study 

Canadian boutique intellectual property practice, Oyen Wiggs, was faced with the “daunting challenge” of the reclassification of thousands of Canadian trademark registrations which their firm administers.

Jennifer A. Marles, partner, recognized that Oyen Wiggs needed to find software to streamline this task. “We really needed something that could help us classify quickly,” she says. 

Read how Sortify.tm Attorney saved their staff from mind-numbing work, streamlined their productivity and brought other unquantifiable benefits that make it even more worthwhile for the entire team.


  • Leverage Sortify.tm Attorney to streamline all stages of the trademark application process
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Decrease staff frustration levels


The reclassification of thousands of existing trademarks due to amendments in Canada’s trademark law in June 2019, meant their team would face a tedious task dealing with the diverse requirements of IP Offices around the world.


Sortify.tm Attorney


  • The firm was able to keep up with the added workload caused by the need for reclassification.
  • Using Sortify.tm Attorney allowed staff to complete fixed-fee tasks up to 30% faster, so productivity increased.
  • The software reduced the incidences of errors and streamlined the process for handling objections.
  • Staff happiness and satisfaction levels increased significantly.