NICE 11 Classification of goods and services

What is the Nice 11 classification of goods and services for trademarks and where can I find a list of the classes of goods and services?

When you apply for a trademark, you must specify the goods and/or services you wish to protect your trademark for. These goods and services are split across 45 classes (categories) used internationally and known as the Nice 11 Classification  of goods and services. Each extra class you apply for typically brings with it extra fees.

Once registered, you have the exclusive right to use your trademark in that country for the goods/services covered – this is the substance of a trademark registration.

The current (11th) edition was released in January 2017 and is referred to as Nice 11.

Classes of the Nice 11 classification of Goods and Services

Here's a handy list of goods and services with their Nice 11 classes


Class 1

Industrial chemicals

Class 2

Paints, varnishes, lacquers, preservatives

Class 3

Cosmetics, bath and body products, cleaning, polishing and laundry products

Class 4

Industrial oils, petrol, fuels, lubricants, candles

Class 5

Pharmaceuticals, medicines, vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements, vet preparations, bandages and dressings, fungicides and herbicidestrol, fuels, lubricants, candles

Class 6

Metals, ores, metal, wire and steel products

Class 7

Machinery, motors and engines, motorized tools, electrical appliances

Class 8

Tools (hand operated), cutlery

Class 9

Software, hardware, electronics, scientific apparatus, data processing equipment, protective clothing, sunglasses

Class 10

Medical, surgical and dental devices

Class 11

Plumbing, heating and lighting products, refrigerators, ovens and cookers, heaters, air conditioners, lights and lamps

Class 12

Vehicles, vehicle engines, motors, parts and accessories

Class 13

Firearms, explosives, ammunition

Class 14

Jewellery, gemstones, precious metals, clocks and watches

Class 15

Musical instruments

Class 16

Paper, cardboard, books, stationery products, artists’ materials

Class 17

Rubber, plastic materials

Class 18

Luggage, bags, leather goods, umbrellas

Class 19

Building materials, timber, concrete, asphalt

Class 20

Furniture, pillows, mirrors, picture frames

Class 21

Household containers, kitchen utensils, crockery and glassware

Class 22

Rope, nets, sacks, tents

Class 23

Yarns and threads

Class 24

Textiles, fabric, bed and table covers

Class 25

Clothing, footwear, hats and headwear

Class 26

Sewing supplies, lace, buttons, pins

Class 27

Flooring, carpet, rugs, mats

Class 28

Toys, sports goods, Christmas decorations

Class 29

Meat, fish, poultry, milk, dairy products, eggs, edible oils

Class 30

Coffee, bread, sugar, spices, honey, cereal, rice, chocolate and confectionery

Class 31

Fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds, plants, flowers, food for animals, live animals

Class 32

Beer, non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices, mineral water

Class 33

Wine, spirits, alcoholic beverages other than beer

Class 34

Smoker’s products, cigarettes, vaping products, cannabis for smoking


Class 35

Business management, retail, wholesale, advertising

Class 36

Finance, insurance, real estate

Class 37

Building, construction, real estate development, painting, plumbing, repairs, mining, oil and gas drilling

Class 38

Telecommunications, broadcasting

Class 39

Travel, transport and tourism services

Class 40

Manufacturing, recycling, air and water treatment, printing

Class 41

Education, training, publishing, entertainment and sports

Class 42

Research, technology and design services, software development, Software as a Service, quality control and authentication

Class 43

Hotels, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, catering services

Class 44

Medical services, vet services, beauty services, agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry services

Class 45

Social services, legal services, security services

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