Custom solutions Built for you

We can build all types of custom solutions and bespoke products using our core AI-based goods and services ranking and sorting system.

Custom built solutions

Purpose built

Connect your own platform to through our secure API.

Use your own UI or use the UI.

Customise the depth of results returned to the user.

Real time – daily updates in background.


Online filing

We can build online trademark filing websites for private entities or governments.

We can also build online filing portals for private entities.

Sortify’s AI software can give you absolute certainty as to the number of classes required in a submitted application.

Other tools

Tools for IP Office helpdesks (e.g. for answering goods and services classification queries).

Tools for IP Office examiners (e.g. provide compliant alternatives to non-compliant goods and services in trade mark applications.

Connect our AI goods and services software into your own IP practice management system.

What is

Built by IP lawyers for trademark professionals, in-house IP lawyers, and IP Offices, is the world’s most advanced AI-based ranking, sorting, specification creation, and specification conversion software for trademark goods and services.

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