The Converter

Turning a goods and services specification into a compliant specification for overseas use has never been easier (or quicker).

The Converter

The Converter is the only tool of its kind in the world.

Take an existing trademark specification, check to see which goods and services are allowable across multiple territories, and then use the Bot to replace any non-compliant terms with compliant terms.

What used to take hours now takes minutes…

Choose countries,
paste specification

Choose your countries of interest, then paste your existing specification into the input fields.

Review acceptable items, then fill in the gaps

In seconds, the Converter displays the goods/services that are allowable in your territories.

Where goods/services are non-compliant, click the
ADD GOODS button to display alternative compliant goods/services.

Review the specifications

Open the specification tray to review the full draft specifications for each of your chosen countries.

You can hide the tray to switch back to converting goods at any time.

Beam me up, Scotty

When you’re happy with the specifications, email them to yourself or copy them to your clipboard.

And with that, you’ve turned what would ordinarily take several hours into a rather easy 5 minute job.

Video demonstration of Converter in action