To Madrid or not Madrid #2: What about the Goods and Services?

Goods and services specifications are key when you’re deciding if Madrid is the right option for your client’s trademark filing.  As we mentioned in our last post, filing through Madrid should not be an automatic decision, and the specific mark is an important consideration.


To Madrid or not Madrid? Why the mark itself matters

At we think about the ins and outs of filing trademark applications around the world every day (after which we typically enjoy an in-house brewed craft beer)! If there’s one rule of thumb we have for filing internationally via the Madrid Protocol – it is that there is no rule of thumb. We don’t always recommend using Madrid and we don’t always recommend NOT using Madrid.


Multiple country updates – January 2019

IP Office updates - January 2019

  1. USPTO, IP Australia and IPONZ all kept busy in January...
  2. IPONZ alone added 4000+ pre-approved terms
  3. IP Australia now allows the broad term "online retail services" as well as "retail services"


New Zealand – “Featuring” gets removed from pre-approved services

IPONZ removes 700+ services that include the word "featuring"

  1. IPONZ updates pre-approved goods and services database to remove the word "featuring" from retail and wholesale services
  2. Objections had been raised despite the "featuring" services being in the IPONZ pre-approved goods and services databases
  3. A corresponding practice note should be published soon