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Canadians –
Welcome to Nice 11!

The transition to the Nice Classification is much easier with – we have a number of tools specifically designed to assist Canadian trademark practitioners. 

Transform your efficiency

Canadian trademark attorneys are facing a whole new ball game, and provides technology tools to help you compete. Facing a tsunami of reclassifications? Need to increase the efficiency of your filing process under Nice 11? has tools to help.

And to support trademark teams working from home, they are free until 30 June 2020.



Have a look at the short sample videos below, and then contact us to set up a trial for your business or sign up free.

THE Reclassifier

Trying to renew a Canadian registration? Sorting through a laundry list of items sent to you by your client?

Designed and built specifically for Canadian practitioners, the Reclassifier quickly sorts the goods and services into the correct Nice 11 classes, and color codes any goods or services that might need a closer look.

The Objection Manager

If you’re sick of using MS Word “track changes” to prepare amended specifications, the Objection Manager is going to delight you.

Quickly and efficiently amend long specifications, create marked up and final versions of amendments… in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

the converter

Whether receiving instructions from overseas, or sending global filing instructions out, the Converter enables you to create IP Office-compliant specifications in seconds.

The Converter eliminates specification errors, meaning fewer IP Office objections, and happier clients.

The Drafter

The tool that helps you quickly find the right goods and services and build compliant trademark specifications suitable for use across 65+ IP Offices – including Canada.

Use Sortify’s AI to find goods you never would have found with a normal search.  Draft, rearrange, search again, edit… and then export your client’s specification in a format that best works for you (email, copy to clipboard, or save to the cloud).

The Autodrafter

Not strictly a tool in itself, but the world’s first (and only) automatic trademark specification drafter.  Use the Autodraft slider (located in the Drafter tool) to quickly populate your specification in lightning fast time.

(Also, it’s really fun to play with.)

Find Classes

Increase your productivity on pre-filing tasks by slashing the time you spend on non-billable work! Attorney’s helps you to search a good or service and delivers results in seconds.

The instant information at your fingertips, enables you to give accurate advice to your client on their potential trademark coverage.

China drafter

To ensure your client gets optimal protection in China, use the China Drafter to find the correct China-approved terms, subclasses, and Chinese characters. Instruct your Chinese agent with confidence.

This is the world’s most advanced Chinese trademark specification drafter.

“The efficiency and speed with which Attorney allows specifications of goods and services to be crafted across multiple jurisdictions is almost magical – identifying terms that are country compliant has made our filing processes so streamlined.”

Joanne Martin, Partner, FB Rice

“I’m officially in love with this program.”

Canadian Trademark Agent

Who is

We’re a team of trademark law experts and technologists helping trademark attorneys across Canada to transform the efficiency of their practices. With deep experience working in jurisdictions covered by the Madrid Protocol and Nice 11, we can provide real-world advice and state-of-the-art technology tools.

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