Product updates to streamline your team’s day-to-day

It’s our first update for a little while – but behind the scenes we’ve been working on some exciting updates to the productivity suite. The first significant release is a facelift for the Drafter! The drafter update is nearly here Keeping it simple We know the simplicity of the existing drafter is what makes it […]

Read more... set for international expansion fueled by QANTM IP investment

Auckland, NZ, September 1st, 2021 – Fast-growing New Zealand legal-tech start-up plans to further expand its international reach as part of a transformational investment from major Australasian IP Group, QANTM Intellectual Property Limited. will build on the global reach of its direct to consumer (D2C) online trade mark registration platforms as well as […]


Anticipating 2021 – Changes to Nice 11

The events of 2020 have reinforced that change is one of the only constants in our world. As 2021 approaches, we are hoping for positive change and looking forward to embracing the start of a new year. In the trademark world, annual changes to the Nice 11 Classification have become the new normal. This multilateral […]


Another unexpected impact of Covid-19 – on trademark goods and services

With the steep growth in manufacture and sale of Covid-19-related products, IP offices have proactively taken steps to clarify which classes these emerging goods and services fall into, depending on their specific use or purpose. Trademark registries across the globe have deleted pre-approved goods and services which were deemed too vague and added a bunch […]


Reclassifying trademarks? Who knew you’d enjoy it?

Reclassifying trademarks can be monotonous, tedious work, yet it’s important that trademarks are reclassified as accurately as possible to be IP Office-compliant. Trademark reclassification is not always straightforward when you’re dealing with: specifications that have hundreds of different terms needing reclassification terms that are permitted across multiple classes punctuation issues (especially in older specifications before […]