Who built the world’s most advanced AI-powered trademark goods and services software for trademark attorneys? 

Who are we?

Sortify.tm is the world’s most advanced A.I. and N.L.P. (natural language processing) based trademark productivity suite.

The Sortify.tm team also developed the world’s first fully-automated assisted trademark filing portal, connected directly to an IP Office through an API – allowing trademark owners to enjoy real time assisted trademark filing. Sortify.tm now has a full time software development team of nine people, customers around the world, and has created a new product category in the trademark law space. 

The senior team

Alan Potter (Head of Product, Cofounder)

Alan is a cofounder of Sortify.tm, and our Head of Product.  A New Zealand lawyer with 25 years’ experience in trademarks, Alan drives Sortify.tm’s product roadmap and is key to the ongoing development and refining of Sortify.tm’s countless machine learning systems.

Given his extensive experience in trademarks, he is one of the key domain experts who helps connect Sortify.tm’s AI with the real-world problems of trademark attorneys.

Claire Foggo (CEO, Cofounder)

Claire is Sortify.tm’s CEO, and drives the direction of the company, as well as being the main point of contact with government departments and enterprise partners.

Claire has 20 years’ experience as a trademark lawyer in both the UK and New Zealand, and uses her expertise to help tailor the ever-evolving Sortify.tm products to our customers’ needs.

Blair Leighton (CTO)

Blair is responsible for the technical oversight of Sortify.tm’s development team and the development of our deep learning, data mining and search algorithms. 

With over a decade’s experience as a software engineer, Blair has expertise in an array of technologies, including machine learning/AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Mining, Hadoop, R, Java, PHP, SQL, Python, Linux/server administration DevOps and AWS. 

Zane Adams (product lead)

As an experienced trademark lawyer, Zane’s understanding of the unique painpoints experienced by trademark practitioners puts him in the ideal position lead our Sortify Attorney product development.  Zane also takes care sales, customer demonstrations and onboarding.

Being an expert in international trade mark registration matters, Zane knows exactly how to make the most of the Sortify.tm Attorney Productivity Suite in day-to-day trademark work.