Sortify.™ Attorney improves logic, layout and accuracy for compliant specs

It’s our first update for a little while – but behind the scenes we’ve been working on some exciting updates to the productivity suite.

The first significant release is a facelift for the Drafter!

The drafter update is nearly here

Keeping it simple

We know the simplicity of the existing drafter is what makes it work so well – so the update keeps the same easy-to-use format for Attorney newbies and experts alike.

Improved drafter features:

  • logical layout for effortless drafting
  • consistent quality and accuracy 
  • key functionality including a simpler action menu and the convenient Sortify suggestions results and autodraft option.

This release is the first in a series of upcoming changes that will provide you with greater clarity and more detailed insights to streamline your workflow.

Watch this space…

The first release is just around the corner, but we’re already working on an array of new features for the next update, including insights – such as:

  • Browse recently accepted terms that aren’t officially in the IP office acceptable list (yet).
  • See classification and approved wording used by other IP offices to support your local drafting.

Account management

The recently released Account menu allows your organization’s admin user to manage your account without the hassle of contacting us.

Invite your new users via email and deactivate the accounts you no longer need – all from your dashboard. 

Upcoming feature releases include the ability to have multiple admin users and to make changes to your subscription. 

Approved goods updates

A sign of the times

IP Australia joins CIPO and WIPO in adding “influencer marketing” to class 35.

WIPO added a range of vaccine-related goods to class 5 – including:

vaccines against coronavirus; vaccines against covid-19; vaccines against ribonucleic acid [rna] viruses; vaccines against rna viruses

CIPO continues to pave the way with cannabis-related terms, adding to the plethora (500+) already in the pre-approved list. A few recent additions include:

Class 30

cakes containing cannabis; cereal bars containing cannabis; brownies containing cannabis; muffins containing cannabis; cupcakes containing cannabis; chewing gum containing cannabis; biscuits containing cannabis

Class 32

beer infused with marijuana extracts; beer infused with marijuana resins; beer infused with marijuana waxes; beer infused with marijuana oils; beer infused with marijuana

Canada examination tracker

Use pre-approved terms and save 6+ months on examination time! 

Dates of Trademark Applications currently at Examination at CIPO:

  • Applications not using the pre-approved list of goods and services: December 20, 2018
  • Applications using the pre-approved list of goods and services: July 15, 2019