reclassifying trademarks is a snap with Attorney

Reclassifying trademarks can be monotonous, tedious work, yet it’s important that trademarks are reclassified as accurately as possible to be IP Office-compliant.

Trademark reclassification is not always straightforward when you’re dealing with:

  • specifications that have hundreds of different terms needing reclassification
  • terms that are permitted across multiple classes
  • punctuation issues (especially in older specifications before the semi-colon was put to common use)
  • considerable amounts of formatting, cutting and pasting Attorney’s Reclassifier tool is designed to help with these challenges.  And thanks to our users’ feedback, we’ve made some significant improvements.

Here’s a quick preview of the updated Reclassifier – get your first look at it now.

reclassifying trademarks - watch the demo video of the Reclassifier

It makes reclassifying trademarks easier and more accurate than ever before – even enjoyable! Now you can:

  • quickly and easily see where terms need to be split before being reclassified (where they haven’t been split by semicolons )
  • automatically select all classes where a term is permitted in more than one class (think “statues” or “coasters”)
  • see which reclassified terms require a more detailed review
  • get insights on why the class chosen was the most relevant and what other classes may also be relevant
  • add terms between classes, edit them and move them into multiple classes.

Industry leading trademark firms are leveraging Attorney to empower members of their team to lead in their practices and provide the best possible client service in the most cost-effective way, whilst delivering the highest level of quality, consistency, and compliance.

As a side-effect, staff happiness levels have also dramatically improved due to less time spent on monotonous, tedious tasks. 

If you are curious to see how it could work for you or your team, contact us to book a demo.