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It’s no secret that software improves the way we do our jobs, but in a world where we are constantly bombarded with new apps and tools, we often think it’s easier just to stick to what we know than to adopt new trademark software tools.

In human behavior, this reluctance to accept technological change and improvement is referred to as Baby Duck Syndrome1. Some generations suffer from it more than others!

The term is derived from the biological imprinting2 of young animals, when, immediately after birth, they instinctively imprint onto their mother and stick closely to her.

In the workplace, this term describes humans who, like baby ducks, have imprinted on a system, which they are now confident using. They perceive sticking to it as easier than learning something new…

… that is, until they see the magic of Attorney trademark software!

Time and again, our champions told us that once they saw how much Attorney could do for them and their practice, their reaction was, “Wow! This is a game changer!”. They were enthusiastic about embracing the new technology as there is no tedious learning curve and they’d never go back to their old methods.

“The efficiency and speed with which Attorney allows specifications of goods and services to be crafted across multiple jurisdictions is almost magical – identifying terms that are country compliant has made our filing processes so streamlined.” ~ Joanne Martin, Partner, FB Rice

They discover that with our AI-powered at their fingertips, tasks that previously took hours, can be completed in a few seconds.

Take a quick look and see for yourself:

Essentially, using Attorney, drafting a new specification is a straightforward 3-step process:

1. Enter your search term

In seconds, Attorney’s trademark software generates a list of possible goods and services in their respective classes to help you draft compliant trademark specifications suitable for use across 65+ IP Offices. 

In our example, we searched for CRYPTOCURRENCY.

2. Select the appropriate results for your specification Attorney’s AI-powered technology delivers not only exact matches for your specification, like “cryptocurrency exchange services”,  but also goods and services you might not have considered as closely related to CRYPTOCURRENCY, such as “electronic funds transfer” and “banking services”. You can choose your terms, rearrange them, search again and edit until you are satisfied with your specification.

Our example demonstrates how the artificial intelligence of Attorney delivers not only narrowly-defined or exact matches, but also broader terms. With Attorney, you use the power of AI to draft specifications that will achieve the best possible trademark protection for your client in minimal time!

3. Save or export your specification

Once you have clicked and selected all the goods and services you need to draft your specification, you can save or export it in various formats:  email, copy to a clipboard and paste into a document or save to the Attorney cloud.

Our groundbreaking tools enable trademark professionals like you to carry out everyday tasks smarter and faster across all stages of the trademark process – pre-filing, filing, examination and registration.

By harnessing our technology, your team can benefit from the speed and accuracy it affords you, so that you can meet your revenue objectives and increase your profitability, whilst providing your clients with quality strategic advice.

Are you ready to up your game with Attorney?

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1“Baby duck syndrome: Imprinting on your first system makes change a very hard thing”, Peter Seebach, IBM DeveloperWorks, 2 March 2005
2. Imprinting: Wikipedia