It’s here – the new and improved trade mark goods and services Drafter 2.0 has arrived! Many of the changes made were implemented as a direct result of user feedback – thanks again to all of our subscribers and testers for your time.

Some of the more significant changes:

  • A new (but still familiar) interface for drafting trade mark specifications.
  • An “always there” working area with the draft specification visible throughout the drafting process.
  • The ability to enter your own tailored goods and services wording.
  • If the tailored goods/services you enter aren’t pre-approved by the relevant IP Office, Sortify’s Drafter distinguishes them using a different colour.
  • You can now retrieve items if you accidentally delete them during the drafting process.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new “Autodraft” feature within the Drafter… and in the weeks following that, the Drafter and Converter will be joined by a number of new tools (as well as additional Drafter features.)