While we were counting the number of kilos we put on over the Christmas break, some of the IP Offices were keeping busy:

  • IPONZ added over 4000 new pre-approved goods (and deleted a number as well – some reclassified, some likely to be overly broad in view of other terms).
  • USPTO added twenty or so items, including two things dear to us: Cat beds (class 20) and Squat racks (class 28).
  • IP Australia added a handful, and deleted only one.  Interestingly, “Online retail services” is now a pre-approved term (IP Australia is one now one of the few Commonwealth IP Offices that allows “retail services” and “online retail services” – Singapore being another).

Get in touch if you want more details – particularly if you want to know about some of the reclassification done by IPONZ.