A quick update from the Sortify.tm team:

  1. New spell checker added
  2. Added ability to copy and paste specification
  3. Major algorithm and AI tweaks

New features
First of all, we’ve quietly added a few great new features:

1) Spell checker

No one lives life typo-free, so we have implemented a handy spell checker.

If a word is misspelled in your search and the results count doesn’t look right, our spell checker leaps in and displays the results for the correctly spelled term (and politely lets you know that it’s done that).

Bad spellers of the world unite, and look out for this message:

2) Copy to clipboard

We know that lawyers love emailing things to themselves so that they can save them… well, forever. That said, sometimes you just want to get your trade mark specification and paste it somewhere quickly.

The tray now features two delivery options: “Send to me” (by email) and “Copy to clipboard” – both options tidy the specification up before delivery (Sortify reorders the classes and then orders the goods within each class by relevance rank).

Backend improvements

We’ve just released a major upgrade to the AI and search algorithms – you won’t notice any UI change, but the results and rankings are markedly improved.

Feedback and suggestions

As always, please do feel free to send us your feedback and feature suggestions – we’re always keen to hear what would make Sortify.tm better and more useful for you.

Thanks once again for your messages and support!

(on behalf of the Sortify.tm team)